Kinki Texas

German Artist; (1969-        )

 Kinki Texas (Holger Meier) was born in Bremen, Germany in 1969. Kinki Texas, actually Holger Meier, from Bremen, where he still lives and works today. He originates from the offset scene, the underground area, and first exhibited his works on his own initiative in vacant factory buildings or tunnels.

Since 1987, his works have been shown in Germany and abroad.  They are displayed in single or group exhibitions.  In 2013, they were on display at the Galerie Goethe in Bolzano, Italy.  In 2003, they were exhibited in a saloon in the ghost town of Lobo, Texas. 

Since 1994, Kinki Texas has been working with digital technologies, and has also specialized in 3D animations, video installations and music videos.  In 2005, he completed his doctorate at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Bremen.  


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