John Grande

American Artist: (1969-       )

John Grande is an American artist born in 1969 in Huntington, Long Island, NY. He attended the School Of Visual Arts earning his BFA. John moved to New York City and worked as a professional c-printer at several high end photo labs. Having the opportunity to print for high end fashion, music and fine art photographers. This highly influenced his personal vision. It allowed him to become part of the process.

Grande started his career as an artist photographing mannequins in window displays throughout Manhattan, stores such as Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue would become source material for one of his first series of paintings. Grande used the mannequins placing them in front of world disasters. Grande’s works developed using his visual and inspirational view of whats around him on the streets of New York City. He would visually asses the work by studying their compositions, and in turn created a visual technique of his own. Grande has centered his work around his studio practice . Creating his signature paintings blending techniques of photo realism and pop art. Grande explores and exposes culture – both popular and contemporary – transforming and uniquely weaving high-end symbols and icons immersed in today’s luxury lifestyle.

Grande’s newest series of paintings inspired by the organic compositions created from decaying advertisements lining the New York City streets. Grande became fascinated with what he refers to as “the city’s modern day cave paintings” and has dedicated his creative practice to bringing these compositions to life. The dialogue created by both residual deterioration and blanketed layers, left behind by years of placing and tearing down wheatpaste posters and stapled flyers against construction dividers, results in its own language, unique to the constant turnaround in New York City.

Grande has exhibited in Solo and Group Shows throughout the world (New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Korea, Italy, India, and Canada)


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